Admitted Graduate Non-Degree - Unclassified (no major)

    Program Description

    Students in this status have been admitted to the University of Oregon but not to a degree program. This is a non-degree-seeking classification intended for students who wish to take graduate level coursework without earning a graduate degree. Students in this classification may apply either as unclassified (no major) or to a specific non-degree major (e.g., licensure programs).

    Do not apply for this status if you wish to pursue a formal graduate degree program.

    Things to Consider:
    -Cost: Admitted Graduate Non-Degree students pay full graduate tuition and are not eligible for federal financial aid.

    -Transfer of Graduate Credit: If you take courses in this status and are later admitted to a University of Oregon graduate program, you may request to transfer some of your credits to a master's or doctoral program.

    -Other enrollment options: Applicants considering this status may wish to consider two other University of Oregon student types:

    -Postbaccalaureate undergraduate: For students pursuing a second bachelor's degree or only intending to take undergraduate coursework.

    -Non-Degree Seeking: Formal admission is not required for this status.

    -Visas: Applicants who need a student visa to enter the United States are not eligible for this status.

    Application at a Glance

    Detailed instructions are available on the program’s website. The following are required for your application:

    Program-Specific Application Requirements:
    As part of the application process you will be asked to submit a statement of purpose. The statement of purpose should be no longer than one page and should outline your interest in pursuing non-degree-seeking graduate level study.

    Instructions to create an account for a Admitted Graduate Non-Degree application:

    1. Click "Apply" on this page.

    2. If you have already applied for a UO graduate program for admission in 2023 or later, log in via the returning users section. If you have not, create an account as a first-time user.

    3. In the "Program of Study" section of the application select "Admitted Graduate Non-Degree" for the Degree Level and "Admitted Graduate Non-Degree (Unclassified)" for the program.

    Division of Graduate Studies
    Campus: Eugene
    Winter 2024
    Final Deadline - December 08, 2023
    Spring 2024
    Final Deadline - March 01, 2024
    Summer 2024
    Final Deadline - May 24, 2024
    Fall 2024
    Final Deadline - September 01, 2024

    This program may accept applications after the posted deadline on a space-available basis. Refer to the program’s website for more details.