Counseling Psychology, PhD

    Program Description

    * A master's degree is only attainable as part of the doctoral program, not as a standalone master's degree.

    The Counseling Psychology (CSPY) doctoral program will train you in a generalist, scientist-practitioner model, which emphasizes education and training in theory, science, assessment, and practice.

    CPSY graduates are skilled in research and evidence-based practices with the goal of improving health outcomes in children, adults, and families.

    Faculty and students in CPSY conduct research that aids in the identification and reduction of risk factors, the enhancement of protective factors, and that contributes to the evidence base of practices that promote psychological health and well-being.

    The CPSY program's strengths-based approach recognizes and values the assets and resources of all individuals and communities, in particular of the most marginalized, throughout the scope of our research and practice endeavors.

    Application at a Glance

    Detailed instructions are available on the program’s website. The following are required for your application:

    Program-Specific Application Requirements:
    Letters of Recommendation
    Statement of Purpose

    Writing Sample

    Meet the Faculty
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    College of Education
    Campus: Eugene
    Fall 2024
    Final Deadline - December 01, 2023