Language Teaching Studies, MA

    Program Description

    The linguistics department master of arts (MA) degree program in language teaching studies is designed to prepare leaders in the field of language teaching and learning in the United States and internationally.

    The program focuses on transformational approaches to language instruction through innovation in curriculum, pedagogy, materials development, digital technologies, and assessment, including how evidence-based principles and practices can be adapted across a wide range of language learning contexts.

    Participants in the program can focus on one or more languages, including English and other commonly taught world languages, or less commonly taught and indigenous languages.

    The program is particularly sensitive to the evolving needs of language learners in this era of globalization and internationalization.

    Unique program goals Include:

    Identifying the common practices of successful language learners as well as the diverse characteristics of languages and learner needs
    Emphasizing methodologies and curricula that align with current research and theory
    Recognizing the importance of social context, identity, and agency in language use
    Highlighting best uses of digital tools to motivate and inspire learners in and beyond classroom contexts
    Providing a background in language evaluation to match a new international need for proficiency-based assessment
    Applying what has been learned in the program to an individualized capstone project that is designed for an authentic teaching or learning context
    Welcoming program participants into a cohort model based on community, strong social networks and professional development opportunities

    Application at a Glance

    Detailed instructions are available on the program’s website. The following are required for your application:

    Program-Specific Application Requirements:
    Letters of Recommendation
    Statement of Purpose

    Meet the Faculty
    Visit the Website
    College of Arts and Sciences
    Campus: Eugene
    Fall 2024
    Priority Deadline -  February 01, 2024
    Final Deadline - August 24, 2024 

    Applications must be submitted and paid for by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on the specified deadline date to be considered eligible.